Unidrive M – an industrial drive family that is tailored to customer needs

Unidrive M is designed specifically for industrial applications. Led by the results of extensive customer-driven market research, we have tailored each Unidrive M model to specific application needs identified within industry. Unidrive M is evolving the future of industry with the latest drive technology which includes over 21 patents granted and 42 patents pending.

​High Performance

Unidrive M700Unidrive M700 – AC Drive, 1.0 hp – 4,200 hp (0.75 kW – 2.8 MW)
Class leading induction and servo permanent magnet motor performance, with real-time Ethernet

Unidrive M600Unidrive M600 – AC Drive, 1.0 hp – 4,200 hp (0.75 kW – 2.8 MW)
High performance drive for induction and sensorless permanent magnet motors


Unidrive M400Unidrive M400 – AC Drive, 0.33 hp – 150 hp (0.25 kW – 110 kW)
Fast setup and diagnosis with real-text display, plus integrated CODESYS based PLC

Unidrive M300Unidrive M300 – AC Drive, 0.33 hp – 150 hp (0.25 kW – 110 kW)
Enhance throughput with Machine Safety


Unidrive M200Unidrive M200 – AC Drive, 0.33 hp – 150 hp (0.25 kW – 110 kW)
Flexible machine integration through communications

Unidrive M100 Unidrive M100Unidrive M100 – AC Drive, 0.33 hp – 10 hp (0.25 kW – 7.5 kW)
Value drive with quality and performance for open-loop applications

​High Power

80-80-roll-up-high-powerUnidrive M: High Power Modular AC Drives, 125 hp – 4,200 hp (90 kW – 2.8 MW)
Highly reliable drive modules, flexible system design and rapid global support

​High Frequency

80-x-80-roll-up-HS70-HS30Unidrive HS: High Frequency AC Drives
Drives designed for high frequency operation

Other drives for automation

Digitax STDigitax ST – Pulse Duty Servo Drives Range (0.72 Nm to 18.8 Nm, peak 56.4 Nm)
Digitax ST is a high dynamic servo drive range, matched to Unimotor hd motors for pulse duty applications

DC DrivesMentor MP – High performance DC drive (25 A to 7400 A)
Mentor MP is a modern DC drive that is based on Control Techniques current AC drive technology

Epsilon EPEpsilon EP – Compact 1.5 Axis Servo Drive (2.2 – 16.0 A rms)
Epsilon EP is a compact and easy-to-use servo drive, scalable from a simple amplifier to a completely programmable 1.5-axis motion controller.